Our core competency and primary focus is manufacturing hydraulic tube assemblies for off-highway equipment. We manufacture to your blueprint, but will add a lot of value along the way. It’s important to eliminate waste while designing for safety, function, appearance, and manufacturability – and through years of experience working with global OEMs, we know how to help. In addition to hydraulic tube assemblies, we also make tubular parts for mechanical or structural applications. Some of our major processes include:

  • Cutting and De-burring
  • Brazing
  • Welding
  • Mechanical Endforming
  • Secondary Machining
  • Bending
  • Surface Finishing (Plating, Painting, Rust Preventative)
  • Kitting and Packaging

Through continuous improvement, we have mastered producing the highest quality products, but keeping them low cost for our customers due to our efficient business processes and practices.