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At Dakota Tube, our investment in the best people and latest technologies allow us to produce our parts efficiently and effectively. We maintain a strong focus on improving and expanding our capabilities and the value we offer our customers.

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Mechanically formed flanges or flares save cost while providing a consistent and good quality connection. Dakota Tube engineers develop all our tooling and then qualify the process with dimensional and fatigue testing.
Brazing is an effective way to connect fittings in-line or to the end of the part. Certified inspectors visually inspect each braze for key characteristics that indicate good adhesion and the absence of leaks.
Brackets or fittings may be welded to the part robotically or by hand.
Secondary Operations
Additional machining, cut-off or milling is completed on parts to support other processes or create different features.
State-of-the-art robots and vision measuring systems combine to bend parts to our customers’ specifications. Robotics lower the cost to manufacture while improving safety and quality. Vision systems measure 100% of the part to ensure it is completely within a sheath tolerance.
Part identification
All parts can be tagged with lot traceability, part numbers, manufacturing date, or any other information that is required.
Surface Treatment
Dakota Tube has both powder coat paint and zinc trivalent plating in-house. Our surface treatment processes are specifically designed for application to hydraulic tubes and the results exceed our customers’ requirements. In addition, Dakota Tube offers Galfan, a coating applied at the tube mill.
Powder Coat Paint
Zinc Trivalent Plating
All parts are packaged with caps and other packaging materials to preserve cleanliness and avoid damage. They are then shipped in clean cardboard or returnable containers to locations all around the world.


Our robust engineering group makes sure we have the technical abilities necessary to support our customers and suppliers through all phases of the product cycle. Dakota Tube engineers also continuously make improvements to our processes and controls to ensure that we are getting better every day.

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Product Integration

supporting customer product design cycle from concept, design review, prototyping, manufacturing set-up, first article manufacturing, and product launch.

Quality Engineering

supporting Dakota Tube and its suppliers’ production quality systems to engineer corrective actions and proactively improve process controls.

Manufacturing Engineering

managing equipment and tooling development and creating solutions for manufacturing challenges.

Automation Engineering

creating automated improvements to our unique manufacturing processes.


Our product and its quality are proven and sustain our long-term relationships with our customers. In addition to ISO-9001:2015 registered quality systems, we maintain state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure our service meets all our customers’ needs.

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You can find Dakota Tube products being assembled on four continents.

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Dakota Tube is doing everything we can to give our employees more! We offer job flexibility with three shifts including day, night and weekend schedules and the opportunity to work just four days a week. We have the highest wages in the market, no experience required. We also offer relocation packages, huge Christmas bonuses, impressive benefits and monthly performance incentives. If you want to be more rewarded, fulfilled and successful, we are the place for you.

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I enjoy the challenge in the bending process. Dakota Tube has given me an opportunity to learn a unique skill.
- 4 year employee in bending -
During my career at Dakota Tube I have been presented with challenges that I have enjoyed participating in and completing. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Dakota Tube company family and to see it grow to where it is today.
- 29 year employee in bending -
I bleed blue!
- 19 year employee in management -
Dakota Tube management and employees treat me with respect. I enjoy my job. Since my hire as a new employee, no question I ask goes unanswered.
- Less than 90 day employee in shipping -
I started a little over 2 years ago and Dakota Tube has allowed me to grow personally, as well as within the company at a rapid rate. I enjoy my co-workers and going to work daily knowing that they are there to help me succeed with any challenge that I take on.
- 2 year employee in engineering -
Dakota Tube makes me feel needed and respected as a team member helping the company to succeed.
- 4 year employee in robot welding -
I enjoy the brazing challenge. Dakota Tube is a good place to work and I have recommended Dakota Tube to a number of new employees.
- 4 year employee in brazing -
I started at Dakota Tube in search of a challenging new career. My experience has been all that and more. I am surrounded by friendly and talented people with common goals, to constantly improve all aspects of tube fabrication. This is an exciting time to experience the growth, innovation, and new state of the art technology throughout the company.
- 5 year employee in engineering -